Pretty Quick Dry Clean Shampoo



natural bottle with shaker top containing 2 oz. dry shampoo by volume)

A lightly -scented powder shampoo to dry-clean your hair in between regular shampooing. Absorbs oil & boosts volume! Tinted to a light tan/gold that works on all hair colors.

How to use: Divide hair into sections and shake bottle to apply a small amount of powder to the roots. You can also sprinkle powder into your palm, rub hands together, & then apply to hair. Massage into roots. A small amount of powder works best. Brush hair to remove traces of the powder.

For use on dry hair only - will not work on wet hair. Results may very depending upon the styling products you may already have on your hair.

Shelf life: Indefinite if uncontaminated

Ingredients: rice powder, kaolin, silk mica, silica, magnesium stearate, iron oxide, and sweet orange, lavender, & geranium essential oils.






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