Iíll Get You (Lines), My Pretty

Apply twice daily. This product is a watery gel and a little goes a long way. Spot treat any lines/wrinkles with a drop or two. You can use more or less as needed. I find that a light coat absorbs better & more quickly. Massage the product on gently & allow it to absorb.

Follow the rule of thinnest products first. If you are using a BHA or AHA product, that should be applied first, then wait 30 minutes before applying anything else. What you apply next depends upon what you are using Ė CPs, antioxidant, and this product are all about the same consistency, so it doesnít really matter which is applied first. Any oils, moisturizers, pearl creams, etc. should be applied last.

This product is not a moisturizer. If you normally use a moisturizer, you will want to continue to do so. The I'll Get You (Lines), My Pretty does not provide immediate results. Studies show that the active ingredients take an average of 1-2 months to cause visible changes. Results usually arenít visible for at least two weeks, with maximum results at about 2 months. Results are cumulative. Once you get the desired results, you may find you donít need to apply every day to maintain them.

Although this product may be used in the eye area, apply carefully  Ė do not get it in your eyes. Always remember to wear sunscreen Ė there has been some evidence that Matrixyl can cause increased sun sensitivity.

If you notice any itching or irritation, stop using the product immediately. Itís always best to do a Ďtestí spot on the back of your neck prior to using the product all over your face when using a new product to see if you develop any irritation.

Shelf life: 6-8 weeks

This product is non-returnable, so please ask any questions prior to purchasing.

Product information:

Do I need the I'll Get You (Lines), My Pretty!?

The I'll Get You (Lines), My Pretty! product contains Matrixyl 3000 along with several other actives - which encourage collagen production, help prevent collagen loss, and tighten the skin.






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