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For maximum exfoliating benefits, apply to freshly washed skin if pH of cleanser is 5.5 or less. If pH of cleanser is higher than 5.5, it is best to wait 30 minutes before applying the BHA (the pH of the IFP Pure & Pretty cleansers is about 5.5). After applying the BHA, it is generally best to wait 30 minutes before applying any other products. There are no 'bad' effects if you apply the BHA right after a cleanser with a higher pH and/or don't wait 30 minutes before applying anything else. You just wonít get maximum exfoliation benefits.

You can apply the BHA with a cotton pad, but I like to apply it with my bare hands. By applying it in this manner, I donít waste any solution, and it all goes directly on my skin for maximum benefits. Just use enough to put a thin layer on the skin.

It is not uncommon to notice increased acne/breakouts after starting BHA products. This is because the BHA is clearing the skin from the inside out. After 3-4 weeks, this should lessen. If breakouts are severe, try using the product less frequently, if that doesn't help, you should stop using it completely.

If you have not used a BHA product before, you should start with the 2% product, and only apply every other day - or even every second day. If you notice some dryness and/or flaking, just reduce the frequency of application. If you are accustomed to BHA products, and are starting with the 5% product, you still may want to use it only every other day at first.

If you notice any itching or irritation, stop using the product immediately. It is always best to do a ďtestĒ spot on the back of your neck to see if you develop any irritation prior to using the product on your face.

These products also work well in reducing/eliminating those red bumps you get from waxing/shaving the bikini area. You can apply right after shaving/waxing. You may find that it works best when you apply a small amount daily. It can also reduce/eliminate red bumps/ingrown hairs that men get on their faces from shaving. Daily application after shaving should keep skin smooth.

If youíre using these products for keratosis pilaris, then you can apply once or twice daily to clean skin - but wait 30 minutes before applying any moisturizer, etc.

Do not get the BHA in your eyes. Always protect your skin with a good broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Shelf life: At least 1 year, possibly longer if not opened.

Product information:

Which strength should I use?

If you have not used a BHA product before, or if you have used a BHA product with a higher pH, you should start with the IFP 2% product - and just use it every other day or even every second day. If you use it everyday at first, you may notice some dryness and/or flaking. After a couple of weeks, if you donít have any dryness/flaking/irritation, you could try using it once daily. Eventually, if needed, you could use the product twice daily.

For those who have used the IFP 2% product for awhile & still feel they need more exfoliation, there is a 5% product available. Even if you have used the 2% product twice daily, I would still recommend using the 5% product every other day at first. If tolerated, you can then use it daily, eventually working up to twice daily, if needed.

After you've used BHA for awhile, you may feel ready to add an AHA to your skincare routine. I recommend starting with the 2% BHA/4% AHA product. I would also recommend using this product every other day or every second day. If after a few weeks you feel you want to use daily, you can try this - but you may notice more dryness and/or flaking, Adjust usage to your skin's needs.





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